Unique modular solution for
integrating battery energy storages

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Unique modular solution for
integrating battery energy storages

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High-quality integration of battery energy storage systems that is compatible with most inverter and battery technologies due to its productised basic solutions.

  • Cost-effective solutions

  • Scope of supply (based on customer needs) ranging from engineering to installation and commissioning

  • The appearance of the module can be easily customised to suit the application or the customer’s brand

  • Fast delivery times

  • Especially high power and energy density ratio / m2

  • Using external inverters: Max power 3 300 kW and max energy 3300 kWh in the C-rate 1C

  • All-in-one solution including inverter: Max power 1 000 kW and max energy 1200 kWh in C-rate 1C

  • Maximal power and energy content always depends on manufacturer of battery technology



  • The E-Module unit is equal in size with a 20’ HC ISO container

  • Several E-Modules can be connected together seamlessly

  • CSC certified according to the requirements of IMO (International Maritime Organization) as an option

  • Fire-resistance rating: E60/EI60, other ratings as an option

  • Surface treatment: C3 or C5. The customer can choose the colours

  • May be lifted from the top or bottom corners

  • Easy and simple to install onto a flat concrete foundation

  • Three door options: standard doors, up-and-down lifting doors and glass doors. All options have the fire-resistance rating E60/EI60.


  • E-Cooler cooling solution designed specifically for energy storage modules, see more information E-Cooler

  • Cooling channel technology that optimises the use of space. The cooling effect and airflow are distributed appropriately to places where cooling is required.


  • A centralised automation system that monitors temperatures and moisture, communicates with the building’s BMS system and controls the internal functions of the module, such as cooling and distribution of electricity.

  • Communication with the customer’s systems via all the most common bus technologies


  • A modular IoT remote access solution for the remote monitoring, predictive maintenance and availability optimisation of ESS system

  • Encrypted and secure system with a built-in firewall that can accommodate up to 50 concurrent VPN connections. Works with static, dynamic and private IP addresses.

  • The customer interface can be used by most common terminal devices, such as the iPhone and Android mobile platforms


  • Together with our partners, we offer solutions for the optimal energy and power management.

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