Aki Puolakka has taken on the role of Sales Leader at Enico

“Enico gains the anticipated strength in its sales team when Aki starts in the role of Head of Sales. Aki brings with him years of valuable experience from responsible sales roles within the industrial sector, and we are eager to leverage his extensive network and, most importantly, his expertise in sales development. We believe in doing things together and now we are able to respond even better to the growing demand”, says Enico CEO Marko Lähteenmäki.


“The energy revolution is a huge opportunity for Finland. Through Enico’s energy storage solutions and energy management services, companies can responsibly and profitably enhance their business operations. There are many possibilities! I am full of enthusiasm and energy to join a great team to create a growth story. Let’s stay connected and discuss more how Enico can create value for you,” encourages Puolakka.

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