Energy storage has a large number of applications in the optimization of energy use


Applications of energy storage​

At its simplest, an energy storage is a device that can store and release a large amount of electrical energy and respond to control requests at the millisecond level. It is suitable for all applications that benefit from the above feature… and there are many of them!


Combined with a high-quality control and energy management systems, the energy storage has a large number of applications in the optimization of energy use in commercial buildings and industrial sites, in support of the electricity grid and critical infrastructure, as well as in enabling the optimal use of renewable energy sources.

Commercial & industrial applications

In the C&I environment, energy storage services allow the property or industrial building to have optimal electrical energy management and energy prices.


An energy storage system can optimize renewable energy production on a property-specific basis and take advantage of fluctuations in the price of electricity.


With the energy storage, properties or industrial production plants can also participate in the network frequency reserve market, using a virtual power plant service, for example.

Mobile Energy Storages

Portability offers completely new opportunities for the utilization of energy storage systems. Energy storage can be used temporarily during repairs or construction work on the electricity network or, for example, to enable emission-free construction activities.

Utility services

Energy storages are a valuable asset for the electrical grid. They can provide benefits and services such as load management, power quality and uninterruptable power supply to increase efficiency and supply security. This becomes more and more important considering the ongoing energy transition and the need for a more efficient and sustainable energy system.

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