Developing future energy storage solutions with EU-funding

Enico Oy is a provider of turnkey energy storage systems. In the summer of 2019, the company launched the BESS development project with the aim of developing a scalable modular energy storage solution. BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) is a system for storing and releasing electrical energy flexibly. This system enables full and effective use of renewable energy which would otherwise be impossible due to daily and seasonal variations.   



Enico supplies energy storage systems as a turnkey service that includes installation, commissioning and (system) operational training.


– Our key objective is to deliver energy storage solutions as complete systems that are immediately ready for the customer’s use, says Enico Oy’s CEO Anssi Seilo.

The energy storages are tailored to each customer’s individual needs, including visual modifications to the system.

Enico delivers extensive production, manufacturing and project services to meet the needs of its industrial customers. Potential customers include shopping centres, real estate companies and industrial facilities (behind the meter) whose energy needs vary daily, as well as power plants and electrical network companies (front of the meter) where energy storages are used to support their own networks and enable the efficient utilization of different energy resources.


– Our solution brings significant savings to our customers because an energy storage system can level out energy consumption peaks, which in turn means a reduction in the monthly basic energy fees which are based on the peak power of a 12 month period. The system also enables compensation of reactive power, eliminating the need for a separate reactive power compensation system, Seilo says.



Innovative and cost-effective products and a comprehensive service portfolio are the cornerstones of Enico’s business.


– One of the most crucial goals of the BESS development project is to optimize the amount of energy stored in the modules without compromising on usability. Thanks to our solutions, Enico is an excellent partner for key technology providers on the energy storage market, Seilo says.


– Through this development project we will be able to optimize the manufacturing process of our product, which will increase the reliability and speed of supply. In the coming years, Enico’s goal is to increase production capacity to over two hundred energy storage modules per year. We are also striving to achieve the fastest project execution lead time on the market; we can deliver even extensive projects in only a few short months, Seilo states. For the customers this means that they will start seeing the benefits of their investment as soon as possible.

Enico Oy has been granted funding for the product development project from the Sustainable Growth and Jobs 2014-2020 Finland’s Structural Fund programme.

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