Enico and NSC EnergyOpti Oy are joining forces for cooperation.

Enico has entered into a partnership and delivery agreement with NSC EnergyOpti Oy, which is focused on comprehensive solutions for green energy use.



Toimitusjohtajat Enico Marko ja NSC Jarkko

Enico Oy CEO Marko Lähteenmäki and NSC EnergyOpti Oy CEO Jarkko Avikainen.


“The green transition is already underway, but electricity storage investments and consumption flexibility are not yet at a sufficient level. Through the cooperation started with NSC EnergyOpti Oy, we can create a deep understanding of customers’ needs, enabling productive overall solutions that include energy storage. We are delighted and quite excited about this partnership. Together, we also want to draw attention to how strong expertise can be found in Finland,” says Enico CEO Marko Lähteenmäki.


The partnership built by New Stars & Company with Enico strengthens the vision of a sustainable energy sector. The now ordered Enicon EModule MultiBlock energy storage offers 3 MW of power and 3.75 MWh of energy when attached to the reserve market. By investing in domestic know-how, a profitable industry is created, domestic employment is supported and investments are kept at home. At the same time, a sustainable network is built and production and consumption are balanced.


“Enico’s know-how and readiness for the reserve market brought them strongly to the fore when choosing a reliable partner. We see the potential for strong growth in cooperation and sharing the same vision, and readiness for the reserve market enables wider Nordic growth. This partnership builds a bridge between the green transition and economic success, while bringing concrete benefits to both companies and consumers,” commented Jarkko Avikainen, CEO of NSC EnergyOpti Oy.


The ability to participate in the frequency reserve market maintained by Fingrid also opens up new income opportunities, when the energy reserve can be utilized in the daily spot electricity market.


Enico BESS

The corresponding EModule MultiBlock energy storage, which will be put into production, has a power of 3MW and will be delivered in July 2024. Testing by Operations Engineer Ville Juhola.

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