Enico announces new energy storage product family

Enico will launch a completely new and unique energy storage product family at the Technology 22 trade fair in Helsinki on May 3 – 5, 2022. During the spring we will be releasing teasers from some of the pearls of the product family. First we are introducing the MobileESS-EV.


  1. MobileESS-EV is a unique mobile energy storage platform, which can be installed as fixed or removable.
  2. Several units can be connected in parallel
  3. Can be connected to normal TN-S 3-phase low voltage connection without a step-up transformer
  4. Commissioning in less than an hour
  5. Suitable for all common energy storage applications. Frequency regulation, Energy Arbitrage, Peak Shaving, optimal use of renewable energy sources, EV charging support.
  6. Built-in Grid Code compliance
  7. Built-in Virtual Power Plant service platform
  8. Built-in 120 kW EV Fast Charging station & feeders for 8 pcs 22 kW AC charging stations
  9. Built-in 400 VAC / 500 A power distribution center for temporary electricity distribution on a large scale


Ask more about MobileESS-EV energy storage marko.lahteenmaki@enico.fi or +358 40 5424374


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