Enico enabled a seasonal charging point for electric cars in Särkänniemi

There is a buzz in the Särkänniemi parking lot when the electric energy storage solution offered by Enico Oy is lifted into place. The energy storage enables Särkänniemi customers to charge ten cars for free this summer. Enico’s solution is mobile and all you need for installation is a flat platform the size of one parking space. The electric car charging point has been delivered and is ready for use in two hours.


“We had thought about how we could offer our customers a solution for charging electric cars during the day at the park. The challenge for us was a seasonal need. Särkänniemi is open mainly in the summer, and because of this, opening parking spaces and a large investment in electrical infrastructure seemed challenging. We found a solution for the cost-effective charging of electric cars surprisingly close by,” says Särkänniemi CEO Miikka Seppälä.


Enico Oy is based in Tampere and it offers its customers electrical energy management and storage services of various sizes. One of the products is the innovative, portable MobileESS developed for temporary energy needs.


“MobileESS is our most compact solution and is based on plug-in delivery. The customer may have a temporary or seasonal need for energy, which makes it unprofitable to do large-scale earthwork and installation work. Our Energy Share solution, based on the MobileESS product, produces energy up to the charging of 30 electric cars and only requires space and a traditional electric power source from the customer. We were immediately excited about the cooperation with Särkänniemi. This way we also got the opportunity to present our charging station solution on home turf,” says Enico CEO Marko Lähteenmäki.


“The energy storage is charged with green electricity, and it releases electricity according to the customer’s usage needs. Our solution is perfect for Särkänniemi, as it can be moved away for the winter, so there are no costs for the customer. Our solution is ideal for, for example, events or a construction site where electricity is needed for work machines. The electrical energy storage is silent, ecological and can replace diesel generators as a cleaner solution,” Lähteenmäki continues.


Cooperation brings power

Electric car charging is free for Särkänniemi customers. That was possible because of mindstorming that did lead to idea where different companies were asked to cover the costs with their own visibility contribution.


“There is strength in cooperation, and Enico’s innovative solution model has attracted the interest of partners. It’s really great that with the help of partners we can offer our customers electricity for free and even more ecologically. Ecology is an important part of Särkänniemi’s environmental responsibility, and this solution promotes low carbon. For our part, we want to build truly sustainable tourism in our country”, sums up Seppälä.


In cooperation:

EC Electro Center Oy, ABB Oy, Beckhoff Automation Oy, Eaton Power Quality Oy, Rittal Oy, Tolotech Oy, Ubitec Oy ja XO Metal Oy


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