Enico to launch a new EModule MultiBlock energy storage solution for Utility scale applications

Utility or in other words Front-of-the-Meter applications is one of the main business segments of energy storage and differ significantly from the C&I business area.Utility scale energy storages are typically large energy storage systems with a capacity of tens or even hundreds of megawatts.Large renewable energy production plants, such as solar and wind farms, already today generate a significant share of the energy consumed by societies. Unlike traditional fossil energy production, wind and solar power plants cannot regulate their production according to consumption, but produce energy depending on the day, season and weather conditions.The above is often not in line with the instantaneous energy consumption, which requires a tool that flexibly stores the produced energy and transfers it to a time when there is no renewable production but even more consumption.Utility Scale energy storages also play an essential role in enabling the smooth operation of electricity grid, where they balance the frequency and voltage of the electricity grid by supplying and withdrawing energy from the grid and thus keeps the amount of energy in the grid in balance with consumption.In addition to intelligent control technology, the essentials in these large energy storage systems are the optimization of the amount of energy of used footprint.

Enico Emodule Multiblock energy storage solution

Ask more about EModule MultiBlock energy storage:

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