Safe and reliable Enico BESS

Safe and sustainable energy storage in Nordic conditions



In the energy storages built by Enico, special attention has been given to safety, with the fundamental principle being almost 100% operational reliability, which can be guaranteed even in harsh Nordic conditions. This sets a unique standard for the energy storage, as it must withstand not only extreme temperature fluctuations (-35…+40°C) but also rain and moisture.


“The overall manufacturing process of energy storage has been carefully planned from the beginning, taking into account safety requirements. The role of partners is also crucial in this aspect. Our batteries are Western production from KORE Power. Their lithium batteries are designed specifically for the energy storage segment and we do continuous development with them. In the production itself, the work starts from a metal frame, which must withstand frost, heat and water. The corrosion class of the frame is C3/C4, which makes it possible to install our energy storage outdoors in harsh conditions,” says Operations Engineer Ville Juhola from Enico Oy.


A compact and durable frame allows for constant optimal conditions inside the energy storage, around +20°C, thanks to the heating and cooling system. In addition to durability and reliability, special attention has been given to safety.


“Especially at exhibitions, one of the most common questions has been about what happens in the event of a fire. All our energy storage units are equipped with Salgrom’s integrated SALGROM-X AEROSOL FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM, designed specifically for batteries. Furthermore, the alarm system cuts off power when triggered. Also the energy storage itself is fire-insulated and pressure-equalized, reducing the risk of fire spreading to neighboring buildings. Additionally, placing the energy storage outdoors enhances fire safety and allows easy access for the fire department. For the fire department, there is a separate pressure release hatch in the energy storage frame, through which they can safely cool the energy storage,” Juhola continues.


“One factor that increases safety is that we have paid a lot of attention to who we partner with. We prefer operators who also have expertise in Finland. This way, we can ensure that we have a direct contact person in Finland, spare parts are available quickly if needed, and that service cooperation works. This is also a big advantage for our customers,” concludes Juhola.


Enico’s energy storages are placed outside and can withstand Nordic conditions, from summer heat to autumn rains and freezing temperatures.

Enicon energiavarastot kestävät ulkona kuuma ja pakkasta.

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