Unique modular solution for
integrating battery energy storages


Modular Energy Storage Systems

The highly productized and modular energy storage platform combines the latest technology with flexible integration solutions. EModule meets almost all energy storage needs in any climatic conditions.

Main applications

EModule AI

The C&I segment of our customer base includes businesses that range from retail centres to manufacturing companies. These companies tend to have energy storage requirements that run from a few hundred kilowatt-hours to a few tens of megawatt-hours.


Electricity bills can be a major headache for various C&I businesses from factories to data centres. And the expense is not just related to energy consumption, but there are also charges that apply at times of high demand for electricity.


Major electricity consumers also have to pay for peak load capacity fees that are based on users’ energy demand during peak periods. These charges can heavily inflate a company’s annual electricity bills.


However, they can also be largely avoided by installing an energy storage system that can supply power to the business during periods of peak demand. The potential savings are significant.


Even without peak demand charges, C&I companies can use a battery storage system to benefit from daily fluctuations in energy pricing. The simplest way to do this is to charge a battery using low-cost electricity at night and then use that stored energy to offset higher-cost daytime consumption.


Enico’s EModule-AI is the all-inclusive energy storage solution for the C&I segment.


The energy storage can be connected directly to the low-voltage connection of the property without need for a Step-Up transformer or other such device normally used for energy storage.


The equipment features all the necessary technology in a very compact package and has a comprehensive application suite for various energy storage applications such as electricity arbitrage, peak shaving and renewable energy time shifting, for example. It also has a built-in virtual power plant interface that allows easy and flexible connection to the country-specific power grid frequency reserve market.


EModule MultiBlock

Utilities, or in other words Front-of-the-Meter applications, is one of the main business segments of energy storage and it differs significantly from the C&I business sector.


Utility-scale energy storages are typically large energy storage systems with a capacity of tens or even hundreds of megawatts.


Today, large renewable energy production plants, such as solar and wind farms, already generate a significant share of the energy consumed by societies. Unlike traditional fossil energy production, wind and solar power plants cannot regulate their production according to consumption, but produce energy depending on the day, season and weather conditions.


The above is often not in line with instantaneous energy consumption, which requires a tool that flexibly stores the produced energy and transfers it to a time when there is no renewable production but even more consumption.


Utility-scale energy storages also play an essential role in enabling the smooth operation of the electricity grid: they balance the frequency and voltage of the electricity grid by supplying and withdrawing energy from the grid, thus keeping the amount of energy in the grid in balance with consumption.


In addition to intelligent control technology, these large energy storage systems are, at their core, about the optimization of the amount of energy of the used footprint.


Furthermore, the flexibility and scalability of the energy storage solution is crucial for effectively optimizing the system to the required size and enabling fast and cost-effective installation and commissioning.


Enico has developed a unique EModule MultiBlock solution that solves all of the challenges listed above.


The EModule MultiBlock consists of fully scalable 2 000 kWh MultiBlock units that can be connected to each other flexibly. The solution makes it easy to build an energy storage system in any size class.


In addition to a powerful battery solution, each EModule MultiBlock includes integrated automation, DC distribution, a cooling system and a fire detection and suppression system.

All of this comes packed in a modular structure that meets the most demanding environmental conditions.

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