The Enico All-in-One mobile energy storage solution enables fast and easy use of renewable energy, regardless of location.


Mobile Energy Storage Systems

Diagram of how mobile energy storage can be used to charge electric vehicles
ENICO EnergyShare EV

Enico’s EnergyShare EV concept enables the construction of a full-scale charging station solution almost anywhere with a 400 VAC / 50 Hz electrical connection. At the heart of the EnergyShare EV is Enico’s unique MobileESS-EV energy storage system, which integrates 2 CCS power charging stations. In addition, the energy storage has several ready-made connection points for smaller 22 kW Type-2 AC charging units.

The solution makes it possible to set up extensive electric vehicle charging station infrastructure in locations such as construction sites, ski resorts, campsites or anywhere where it is not profitable to build a permanent charging station due to low/high seasonal usage or lack of electric network capacity.

MobileESS EV

Energy storage is increasingly being considered as a solution for the charging of electric vehicles in areas with limited grid capacity, or at charging stations where a large number of high-speed –chargers – 50 kW or more – are to be installed.

Typically, under these conditions, upgrading the regional power grid would be very expensive. At these sites, installing an energy storage to balance the load of electricity is a great solution.

Enico has taken this thinking even further. What if you could build a full-service electric vehicle charging station solution anywhere in less than a day?


MobileESS CI

Electricity is one of the most important factors in all construction projects.

All construction projects require electricity to operate a variety of machines on the construction sites. Reliable access to electricity is a requirement in all construction projects. In many cases, construction sites depend on diesel-powered generators to obtain the required electrical power as the main electrical connection on the site is often unable to provide enough power.

For example, tower cranes, earthmoving machinery, material handling equipment, road construction machinery and concrete equipment are all part of construction activities that have a high electric power demand. Furthermore, the electrification of construction machinery will significantly increase the need for electricity on construction sites.

ENICO EnergyShare CI

Enico’s unique EnergyShare concept is an emission-free, environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to polluting fossil fuel-consuming generators that are commonly used for peak power distribution in construction projects.


At the heart of the EnergyShare solution is Enico’s unique MobileESS CI energy storage system. MobileESS CI is a movable and extremely versatile energy storage device optimized for the construction site environment.


The MobileESS CI mobile energy storage unit can be used to implement high-efficiency electrical energy distribution throughout the construction site, regardless of the size of the site’s main electric supply.


Best of all, an energy storage system offers electrical energy costs that are up to 5-6 times cheaper than producing the same amount of electrical energy with a diesel generator. In addition, the carbon footprint of the energy storage system is up to 8 times smaller than that of a diesel generator of the same electrical power.

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