Energy storage

Unique and productized energy storage systems and solutions for customer-specific needs, from design to commissioning.


Our portable energy storage products enable flexible EaaS (Energy as a Service) solutions as needed without investment costs for the user.


Our unique energy storage system platform enables a solution for virtually all energy storage needs.


One single versatile solution for smaller C&I implementations, all the way to large Utility Scale projects.



Enico CompactESS is an All-in-One energy storage solution for smaller agricultural, real estate and industrial applications




The Enico All-in-One mobile energy storage solution enables fast and easy use of renewable energy, regardless of location.




Optimized and scalable energy storage platform for several purposes.


Applications of energy storage

At its simplest, an energy storage is a device that stores and releases a large amount of electrical energy and is able to respond to control requests at the millisecond level.


Combined with a high-quality control and energy management system, the energy storage has a large number of applications in the optimization of energy use in commercial buildings and industry, in support of the electricity grid and critical infrastructure, as well as in enabling the optimal use of renewable energy sources.

Commercial & industrial applications

In the C&I environment, energy storage services allow properties or industrial buildings to optimize their electrical energy management and energy prices.

Mobile Energy Storages

Portability offers completely new opportunities for the utilization of energy storage systems. Energy storage can be used temporarily for repair or construction work on the electricity network or, for example, to enable emission-free construction activities.

Utility services

Energy storage assets are a valuable asset for the electrical grid. They can provide benefits and services such as load management, power quality and uninterruptable power supply to increase the efficiency and supply security.

Why Enico as a partner?

We want to be part of the future. The inevitable change in the energy markets will lead to an increase in the use of renewable energy. Maximizing the use of this valuable energy is important to us, which is why we have developed an efficient energy storage solution. With this solution our customers can ensure the availability of clean and sustainable energy, come rain or shine.

Latest news & insights on energy storages

The need for renewable energy solutions will grow in the future, and we want to be at the forefront of growth. Check out our latest innovations on product development and familiarize yourself with our various energy storage solutions.

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