Enico offers wide-ranging production, manufacturing and project services in the field of renewable energy. Our unique and productised service selection helps our customers make the most out of the benefits of renewable energy.

The group of companies behind Enico Oy consists of Seilo Consulting and Ubitec Oy. Together we employ 50 energy and process industry professionals. Our background is in these industries and our experience with different industrial solutions is solid.

We use only the best power electronics and battery technologies in our products, as well as the most reliable control solutions from leading providers. These technologies allow us to deliver optimal integrated energy storage solutions using our unique E-Module platform. Our solutions are based on integration techniques we have developed, such as the E Cooler cooling system, which is designed especially for energy storage use.

We use innovative and cost-effective solutions when integrating energy storage technologies into our system. Our product is scalable and of high quality, and it can be used in any energy storage application in both Front of the Meter and Behind the Meter environments.

We have developed several unique integration solutions to achieve a high-quality modular energy storage module.

Equipment such as battery modules and inverter systems can be integrated into an efficient, safe and scalable modular unit while maintaining high quality.

We offer high-quality and cost-effective energy storage solutions to suppliers of energy storage technologies, energy producers and other users of energy storage solutions. We have minimised the lead time of delivery projects, optimised the power-energy density of our products and made their installation effortless and quick.

Our service selection covers everything from the engineering of energy storage projects to installation, commissioning and maintenance and availability services, including remote monitoring.

In turn-key projects, we offer a unique, extensive and high-quality product and service package cost-effectively, with the quickest delivery lead time on the market.

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